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Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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Autor: Mills, David/Agarwal, Vijay
Seiten: 357 Seiten
2. Auflage 2009
Produktinformationen "Pneumatic Conveying Systems"

Pneumatic Conveying Systems | A specialist book referring to system design and operation to convey the line inlet air velocity

Design, Selection & Troubleshooting with Particular Reference to Pulverised Fuel Ash

The critical design parameter in any pneumatic conveying system is the conveying line inlet air velocity. With different grades of the same material care must be exercised in design and specification of the plant and components. Emphasis is given to system design and system operation and so problems are considered in two ways. For a new system the conveying variables are highlighted so that they should be taken into account in the system analysis an design process. For existing systems chapters are devoted specifically to troubleshooting. Numerous equations can be used to check operating parameters.

Produktart: Buch , E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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The Specialised Book "Fascination of Sheet Metal" by Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller (Hrsg.)
Fascination of Sheet Metal
Fascination of Sheet Metal A Specialised Book about sheet metal processing – from the design engineer's idea all the way to the finished part Discover the world of sheet metal processing: This book spans a broad range of topics, from the design engineer‘s idea all the way to the finished part. It starts off with the subjects of material sciences and design. After that, well established processes such as laser cutting, punching, bending and joining are presented, both their theory and with examples from the field. Chapters on control technology, programming and production organization complete the picture. With its generous use of colors throughout and its premium quality, the book offers awealth of information on everything concerned with sheet metal processing, in 9 chapters, on 252 pages,with 210 pictures and 98 graphics, know-how from one source: precise, compact, easy to understand, numerous examples from renowned companies for first-hand impressions and an in-depth look in many areas. Downloads   Extract 1   Extract 2

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The Specialised Book "Leveling with Roller Levelers" by Horst Bräutigam und Sascha Becker
Leveling with Roller Levelers
Leveling with Roller Levelers A Specialised Book about Sheet Leveling The topic of sheet leveling is more current than ever. Leveling improves the quality of sheet metal processing. The improved tolerances in the flatness of sheet metal parts and coils are obvious. Less obvious are the favourable distribution of residual stresses in the material, which stabilizes the material for the subsequent processes like folding, bending and roll forming. Despite the widespread use of roller levelers, little is known about the technology behind ths type of machine. This book lights the subject and explains what happens during the leveling process on roller levelers. Principles of materials science Tension and compression Bending Principles of leveling Single bending operation Total bending operation Roller levelers Basic design of the leveling unit Drive system Leveling performance diagram Machine setting values Leveling with roller levelers Flatness defects and their correction Roller levelers for strips Roller levelers for parts Tips and tricks

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Das Fachbuch "Wärmeträgertechnik mit organischen Fluiden" von Walter Wagner
Wärmeträgertechnik mit organischen Fluiden
Wärmeträgertechnik mit organischen Fluiden | Das Fachbuch zu den Grundlagen, gängigen Verfahren und rechtlichen Standards im Umgang mit Wärmeträgeranlagen Kamprath-Reihe Dieses umfassende Standardwerk bietet den Stand der Technik beim Einsatz organischer Fluide. Es erläutert neueste Vorschriften, deren Kenntnis unabdingbar für Planung, Bau und Betrieb von Wärmeträgeranlagen sind. Ein umfangreicher Anhang bietet Stoffdaten von organischen Wärmeträgermedien, z.B. organische Flüssigkeiten auf Mineralöl- oder Synthesebasis und organische Medien, die in der Flüssig- und Dampfphase einsetzbar sind. Wärmeträgermedien Aufbau von Wärmeübertragungsanlagen Wärme- und strömungstechnische Grundlagen Erhitzer, Anlagenbauelemente, Wärmeverbraucher Mess-, Steuer- und Regelungstechnik Aufstellungsrichtlinien Betrieb von Wärmeübertragungsanlagen Gesetze, Verordnungen, Vorschriften, Normen, Richtlinien Aktuelle Beispiele Gleichungen, Diagramme und Tabellen für Projektierung von Wärmeträgeranlagen in der Flüssigphase Stoffdaten von organischen Wärmeträgerfluiden

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