Vibrations and Noises in Small Electric Motors

Vibrations and Noises in Small Electric Motors
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  • 978--8343-3510-4
  • 1. Auflage 2012
  • Thomas Bertolini, Thomas Fuchs
  • 168
Vibrations and Noises in Small Electric Motors Measurement, Analysis, Interpretation,... mehr

Vibrations and Noises in Small Electric Motors

Measurement, Analysis, Interpretation, Optimization

It is hard for us to imagine today’s world without electric motors. At the same time, we are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the acoustic quality of these motors. Manufacturers of motors and other equipment increasingly need to have broad competence in dealing with noise. In fact, success in the competitive marketplace is coming to depend on having such acoustic know-how.

 This book is intended to provide assistance for an efficient and goal-oriented approach to eliminating vibration and acoustic problems in small electric drives. Furthermore, it is intended to create a basis for a uniform understanding of noise and to provide a communication basis for constructive customer-supplier relationships. It was developed from industrial practice and is suitable for engineers in development, production technology and quality management who are concerned with vibrations and noise from drives in their products.

 Causes of vibrations and noises in small motors

  • Options for reducing and optimizing noises
  • Mechanical oscillations
  • Basic acoustic concepts
  • Measuring noises and vibrations
  • Analysis of noises and vibrations
  • Testing vibrations and noises
  • Examples of actual systems


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